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In this project, Augminded and Östergötlands Museum, explored news ways of integrating spatial computing in the art education. We call the project ”beyond the boundaries” since the focus is on expanding the experience of paintings.

The idea is to take a painting and breaking it up in parts and spreading these in a virtual space connected to an anchor in the real world. The parts get a thought/question connected to them and some kind of spatial sound. The experience is a kind of abstract promenade through the landscape of the painting with a distinct and changing soundscape.

In the prototype we have used a cubist painting since the multiple perspectives often used in cubism lends itself well to be broken up and recombined. The experience can be viewed both as an augmentation to the painting proper as well as an interactive artwork in itself.

One goal has been to make the experience contemplative and inviting to further explorations.


  • AR for iPad
  • Exploring embodied cognition in art education
  • Audio-visual immersive experince

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