Augminded is a visualization studio. We help clients transform ideas, thoughts and concepts into visual reality. 

We would like to delight you with experiences that merges art and technology in order to gain understanding or insights. Our first focus is always on people – the users, the clients, the customer. Your and their needs. We find a solutions together. Always tailor made.


  • Development
    • Custom software solutions
    • Game engine based solutions
    • Touch tables, AR, VR and fulldome
  • Aesthetics, design and experience
    • Cinematic data visualization
    • Animations and still images
    • User experience development
  • Advice
    • How to benefit using visualization
    • Workshops
    • Tech lead when implementing visualization


  • Custom solutions for custom data and platforms
  • Visualization of products/buildings/environments
  • Information visualiization
  • Scientific and medical visualization
  • Exhibitions and events


Filip Wänström, the founder of Augminded AB has a background from Linköping University and the RISE research institute and has worked within the field of interactive visualization since 2004.